Service Agreement

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What exactly is a Service Agreement ?

A Service Agreement is a form of support that TechBit Solutions provides to establish our company as your primary I.T. Support Help Desk. Under this agreement, our team will provide comprehensive assistance to all your end users. Specific details, such as response times, service hours, and resolution protocols for technical issues will be outlined in the agreement. Extensive research demonstrates that our Service Agreement is a more efficient and viable solution in comparison to hiring an on-site employee.

Will a Service Agreement provide enough value for my business?


An I.T. Service Agreement provides access to a dedicated team of I.T. professionals and engineers who possess specialized expertise in supporting your systems, applications, and servers. Our team of experts has formed strategic partnerships with major companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Amazon, and Azure, affording TechBit Solutions the opportunity to receive unparalleled training and support. As a result, our clients benefit from superior service and support that is unmatched in the industry.

Predicable Costs:

With an I.T. Service Agreement, you can plan and budget your IT expenses more effectively, as the costs of the I.T. services are fixed and known in advance. This means that a company can budget for their IT expenses with more certainty and predictability, as they know the exact costs they will incur for the services provided under the agreement. Additionally, an I.T. Service Agreement often includes maintenance and updates to the company’s systems and applications, reducing the likelihood of unexpected expenses that can arise from equipment failure or other issues.

Should I hire an employee instead:

Compared to hiring an employee to manage IT needs, an I.T. Service Agreement can be a more cost-effective solution. Hiring an employee to handle IT support can be expensive, as the company must cover the employee’s salary, benefits, training, and other associated costs. Moreover, the company is responsible for managing the employee’s workload and ensuring they are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to perform their job effectively. With an I.T. Service Agreement, the company can outsource IT support to a TechBit Solutions, who has the necessary resources and expertise to handle the company’s IT needs. This can result in a more cost-effective solution, as the company only pays for the services they need and can avoid the overhead costs associated with hiring an employee, managing payroll taxes, providing coverage when the employee is sick or wants to take days off and also vetting if that employee has the necessary skills to be the I.T. Support department

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TechBit Solutions can seamlessly assume the role of your I.T. Department, typically completing integration with your business within 30 days. During this period, we will conduct a thorough analysis of all aspects related to your company’s IT infrastructure, including the development of an accurate asset inventory list, evaluation of asset lifecycle and replacement costs, documenting admin credentials, and review of best practices, among others.

It is equally essential to establish a clear workflow for end users. Users will receive training on the various methods of requesting support, including e-mail, phone, text, chat, or ticketing system. Additionally, we will assign dedicated engineers to your company to foster consistent, positive relationships with individuals you can trust.

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