Database Administration

Did you know your software is database driven? All the lag and bottlenecks you experience when running database queries and reports is due to no maintenance scripts or maintenance plans in place. There are several administrative tasks and upgrades that must be performed. Our trace analysis service will show you exactly where….

Fully Integrated Database Administration

Managed IT Services

Development and Maintenance

Our professional database administrators will Develop and Maintain the database for your needs. We will choose a perfect database system understanding your requirements.

Design Architecture

We will design the database architecture that will be efficient, without data redundancy and without any known vulnerabilities.

Right User Privileges

We will make sure that the right person enters your database. With managed DBA, we will let only privileged user access specific users etc.

Client Focused Delivery

Your satisfaction is, what matters

Our expert DBAs will be available to you 24/7. Doing business with TechBit starts by signing an industry-leading Service Agreement, which outlines the full depth and breadth of the services you will receive. Event support, service functions, service requests, and project services are all available, based on what you need. Also, we organize them to fit the work that needs to be done, so that you do not import more services than you want. Just ask.

Your business generates a lot of data and that data is important for analysis to get more details and make better business decisions. All of this generated data is stored primarily on a website and information data is very common in modern businesses. And with growing data, there is a growing need for information management because the primary responsibility is to maintain and protect the integrity of company data. This is where the work of the Database Administrators ’(DBA) begins, as he is responsible for overseeing the website management system and ensuring that it is always available. Organizations are reluctant to hire DBAs because there are certain costs associated with hiring, training and maintaining internal DBAs. If the organization’s database needs to be managed but does not want to use DBAs, contact us now for Data Management services.

Database Tuning and Optimization

Ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your website with timely repairs. We keep your website clean so you do not find it difficult to access your data when you need it most. Tuning data is an important practice, and it is fair to say that optimizing website performance is very complex and influenced by many variables. Get accurate diagnoses and history checks and analyze important features on your website. Get the latest website development in many areas of knowledge using a variety of methods, testing, configuration and emergency procedures. Upgrade to any relevant version, any operating system and get support to solve complex problems while developing information details. We use clear metrics that indicate when upgrades to your site are needed and where they will have the greatest impact and how site performance can be improved.

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A Service Agreement enable organizations to outsource all or part of their I.T. tasks. These tasks can be on contract or subscription terms.  Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) can be useful for ensuring 24/7 coverage and can help lighten the load for existing, in-house I.T.

A Service Agreement cost can vary based on your needs. Some firms may only need occasional help while other firms may require round the clock service and support.  Call TechBit Solutions so we may provide you with predictable costs.

Short answer, ABSOLUTELY! The stakes are simply too high for a small business to go at it alone. With all the threats, attack vectors and risks involved it would be downright negligent to exclude I.T. from your budget. As your company grows past 200 computers you will need a team like TechBit to afford you 24/7 coverage and protection

Depending on your business size, a Service Agreement will help you fill in the gaps. If you’re under 500 computers, TechBit Solutions will ensure premium I.T Support all while providing guaranteed up time. If you’re over 500 computers, TechBit Solutions can complement your in-house I.T. Team with help desk overflow, security monitoring and server support. We also fill in when your team takes a day off or calls in sick.

An I.T. Company should not be picked based off price alone. A mature I.T. company will have a solid Help Desk, company provided cars and cell phones for all their employees and should be able to insure YOU for at least $1 Million Dollars per occurrence. A good I.T. company will also follow the most stringent security frameworks internally.  You don’t want your I.T. company becoming your weak link. Tired of searching? Call TechBit Solutions.