Data Backup and Recovery

It is important for businesses to plan ahead and set up data storage systems in the worst case scenario, before they happen. Backup systems are implemented using an off-server server or separate drives to store your large amounts of information. Without putting these systems in place, obtaining data becomes difficult leading to the loss of information when the worst happens.

Why Data Backup and Recovery is such a Big deal?

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The purpose of the backup is to create backup copies of data that your primary data fails. Basic data failure may cause a number of problems including software or computer failures, man-made event, data corruption, ransomware malware, and accidental deletion. Therefore, backup copies allow you to restore your data from the previous location to help your business recover faster from a random event. Keeping a copy of your data in a safe place is necessary to prevent corruption or loss. An additional backup device can be as simple as a USB stick or external hard drive, or even larger, such as a tape drive, disk storage, or cloud storage. You could put another route in the same location as your main data or keep it remotely. If you are in an area with a high probability of weather-related events, remote use is appropriate.


Ensuring business continuity

Lost data costs businesses millions of dollars lost revenue each year. More than ever it is important to have a data backup and recovery process to protect data, maintain integrity and keep the business running.

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, create serious problems for companies. More than 50% of small and medium enterprises do not overcome the problem of lost data. Big companies, however, are also suffering, as lost data affects millions of customers and employees. Non-recoverable data loss negatively affects revenue and business reputation. Imagine that the data stored on your server disappears suddenly. Of course, the first thing you will check is the backups of your data. At Remsys, we pay close attention to backing up your customer data. We work equally well at backup and restore data recovery using both simple tools and sophisticated solutions.

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A Service Agreement enable organizations to outsource all or part of their I.T. tasks. These tasks can be on contract or subscription terms.  Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) can be useful for ensuring 24/7 coverage and can help lighten the load for existing, in-house I.T.

A Service Agreement cost can vary based on your needs. Some firms may only need occasional help while other firms may require round the clock service and support.  Call TechBit Solutions so we may provide you with predictable costs.

Short answer, ABSOLUTELY! The stakes are simply too high for a small business to go at it alone. With all the threats, attack vectors and risks involved it would be downright negligent to exclude I.T. from your budget. As your company grows past 200 computers you will need a team like TechBit to afford you 24/7 coverage and protection

Depending on your business size, a Service Agreement will help you fill in the gaps. If you’re under 500 computers, TechBit Solutions will ensure premium I.T Support all while providing guaranteed up time. If you’re over 500 computers, TechBit Solutions can complement your in-house I.T. Team with help desk overflow, security monitoring and server support. We also fill in when your team takes a day off or calls in sick.

An I.T. Company should not be picked based off price alone. A mature I.T. company will have a solid Help Desk, company provided cars and cell phones for all their employees and should be able to insure YOU for at least $1 Million Dollars per occurrence. A good I.T. company will also follow the most stringent security frameworks internally.  You don’t want your I.T. company becoming your weak link. Tired of searching? Call TechBit Solutions.