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Structured Cabling We offer Structured Cabling and troubleshooting for all media including: Computer Data / LAN Fiber-Optic Telephone Systems Paging Systems Video Security Systems Welcome to the Cloud Era! Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Business Phone Service and Support We sell, service and support: Let us lower your monthly business phone bill with our VOIP Phone Systems. Cyber Security Analysis Our security analysis will show you how good or bad your current I.T. Provider is doing.
Most businesses think their data is safe in the Cloud.
Don’t let your business be in the news, get protected now against a Data Breach.
Which backup is right for you? Cloud Backup Let our experienced support agents show you which backup fits your business. Local Backup USB Backup External Drive One-Drive/Dropbox Need Better WI-FI? We install proven wireless system with measurable results. Check out our solutions.

Premium Computer/I.T. Support Services for your business technology needs

TechBit Solutions is El Paso’s only premier I.T. Support  company, providing end to end solutions that are uniquely tailored to your business priorities.  Don’t settle for less, get reliable, proven, problem solving engineers that have been trusted by thousands of businesses just like yours. Our large spectrum of business computer support and services will allow you to realize maximum return on investment.  TechBit Solutions will assign a Personal Advocate who will guide you every step of the way. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Call us today.

Budget your I.T. cost, here’s how...

Our top rated I.T. Service Agreement is the best tool you can use for your business. You will get dedicated Computer Support Engineers who will quickly respond to all your Staff’s  I.T.  Service Requests quickly and efficiently. We have 100% guaranteed computer support response times that will lower your I.T. down time and increase productivity. All while offering personalized Managed I.T. Support from Support Engineers you know and trust.

Some of our Services

I.T. Managed Services

Managed IT services are a way to keep your IT infrastructure and applications stable, affordable, and in line with evolving business needs. A young yet...

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Cyber Security Analysis

Our comprehensive Security Assessment will show you exactly how good of a job (or bad) your current I.T provider is doing. Our Cyber-Security Assessment can...

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Cloud Support / Service

Cloud computing has created an opportunity for organizations to access the data storage capacity and computing power they need, on a much-needed basis and at...

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Database Administration

Did you know your software is database driven? All the lag and bottlenecks you experience when running database queries and reports is due to no...

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Structured Cabling

It’s important to hire a premium vendor like TechBit to perform all your structured cabling. There are many risks and hazards that need to be...

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    Industries Served


    Healthcare is one of the top industries targeted by criminals. Private patient information is worth a lot of money on the dark web. TechBit Solutions has adopted unique solutions that will help protect your clinic, while not getting in the way of Providers doing the best they can for patients.  Your Providers and medical staff are the busiest they have ever been, don’t let I.T. (information technology) get in the way of patient care. Call us today, we will make you HIPAA Compliant.



    In the past year, many Construction Companies (General Contractors and Subs included) experienced some form of Ransomware or virus attack. This was due partly to the proliferation of mobile devices being deployed with little to no security oversights. Some construction firms simply lacked security awareness. Hackers understand the big gaps that construction firms have and have been able to expose the predictable schedule that Construction Companies operate from. Don’t let your firm be another statistic, get TechBit Solutions involved and close those security gaps!


    We often get asked, “Why would someone target a Retail Store?”. Well, simply put, there’s a lot of information being stored that is not well protected. With most stores operating online as of 2021, a prevalence of risk emerged. This is a completely new ballgame, since retailers are traditionally protected against shoplifting but have little to no protection against Cyber-Attacks. Large retailers like Target, to small mom and pop shops have been easy pickings for hackers. Call TechBit Solutions and find out how you can be better prepared.


    There are several technological threats that manufactures face. From sabotaged  CNC machines, Internal Breaches all the way to supply chain attacks. Tech can make or break your facility and most firms are experiencing some kind of attack or I.T. issue on a daily basis. Leaders are calling for more reform on Cyber Security since manufacturing represents a major sector on the country’s economic well being. Top reports show that most manufacturing firms typically pay Ransomware Fees. This encourages hackers since its proven that Manufacturing can be an easy pay day for Hackers.

    State/ Government

    Many State and Government entities are realizing that the subcontractors they use may not be up to par when it comes to Cyber Security. TechBit Solutions, follows the latest N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) cybersecurity framework. This framework integrates industry standards and best practices to help organizations manage their Cyber Security Risk. This adoption by TechBit Solutions ensures a safe, secure partnership between TechBit and State/Government agencies.

    Finance/ Insurance

    Finance and Insurance companies are all suffering from the “Modern Bank Heist”. All these firms store Personally Identifiable Information (P.I.I.) which often includes home addresses, Social Security number, banking details and income information. All this data is high value data which makes the Finance and Insurance sector a lucrative market for Cyber criminals to attack. Don’t get robbed, let TechBit Solution’s implement an effective security plan for your organization.

    Ransomware and viruses are on the rise. How do you know you’re protected?


    What is a Service Agreement?

    A Service Agreement enable organizations to outsource all or part of their I.T. tasks. These tasks can be on contract or subscription terms.  Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) can be useful for ensuring 24/7 coverage and can help lighten the load for existing, in-house I.T.

    How much does a Service Agreement cost?

    A Service Agreement cost can vary based on your needs. Some firms may only need occasional help while other firms may require round the clock service and support.  Call TechBit Solutions so we may provide you with predictable costs.

    Is a Service Agreement right for every company?

    Short answer, ABSOLUTELY! The stakes are simply too high for a small business to go at it alone. With all the threats, attack vectors and risks involved it would be downright negligent to exclude I.T. from your budget. As your company grows past 200 computers you will need a team like TechBit to afford you 24/7 coverage and protection

    Why do I need a Service Agreement?

    Depending on your business size, a Service Agreement will help you fill in the gaps. If you’re under 500 computers, TechBit Solutions will ensure premium I.T Support all while providing guaranteed up time. If you’re over 500 computers, TechBit Solutions can complement your in-house I.T. Team with help desk overflow, security monitoring and server support. We also fill in when your team takes a day off or calls in sick.

    How do I pick a good I.T. Company?

    An I.T. Company should not be picked based off price alone. A mature I.T. company will have a solid Help Desk, company provided cars and cell phones for all their employees and should be able to insure YOU for at least $1 Million Dollars per occurrence. A good I.T. company will also follow the most stringent security frameworks internally.  You don’t want your I.T. company becoming your weak link. Tired of searching? Call TechBit Solutions.

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